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I Want


I'm Sitting Alone
I Got the Tv On
There's a Squirrel in My Head
But I Think It Might Get Better
There's a Green Jesus On the Wall
I Never Noticed It Was So Ugly
And I'm Feeling Numb Inside
Yeah, I'm Feeling Numb Inside

'cause I Want
And I Want
I Want
And I Want
To Be With You

I Take It All Back
My Religions of Yesterday
I See the World Now
In a Different Shade of Bullshit
You Think I Never Cared
Well I Think You're Quite Mistaken
My Love
I'm Scared Inside


I'm Standing On the Galapagos Islands
A Girl Sits At the Edge of the Beach
A Cricket Cupped
In the Palm of Her Hand

Your Body Is My Institution
In Your Mind Roams These Allegations
If You Need So Bad a Name
I'll Stamp On Your Forehead
Jesus Christ
Please Let Me Breathe
And Fulfill My Soul With Spiritual Forgiveness
I've Got no Need to Hide
Yeah I've Got no Need to Hide


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