The Most Dangerous Weapon Alive

Ill Bill

[Verse 1]

I seen a bitch named gutter slut talking to a paraplegic
About violence then threw his wheelchair into the firepit
A nihilist becomes a tool, execution that becomes obituary
Birthed the kings of doom
Earth becomes Black Sabbath, turn Ozzy to Deo
Surgeons fuck that plastic turn Cosby to Theo
Jody Foster's army missed Regan
James Brady got sprayed quick fast like he played for sadists
Melts half, no fun, homie as for listen don't break the oath
You'll be tortured by shadows that whisper
Satisfaction is the death of desire
My perseverance leads to the rise of supremacy
The quest for fire
Inventing the wheel, reinventing the steel
Kill switch a fixation on darkness, perception is real
Take is needed for pain, lack of almost everything
Slap a hand, half a gram of dope is so heavy, dig

[Chorus x 2]

The mind is the most dangerous weapon alive
Spin doctors operate behind enemy lines
Mind control, something you could potentially buy
The new holy war has arrived, you ready to die?

[Verse 2]

You're a power-slave somewhere in time
Peace of mind, keeper of the seven keys
Seven churches arrive under the sign of the black mark
Two megatherium under lock and key
Tooth and nail hellion
From the ashes of hell having morbid tales
No one ever really wanna buy peace, war prevails
Shout of the devil, dogs of war bark at the moon
The mobs rule heaven and hell, that's something y'all choose
From enslavement to obliteration
Youth of today are sick of it all in a warzone where pistols are God
Screaming out, "Lights, camera, revolution!"
From the wonderful folks who brought you Iraq
Here's the new execution
The malfunction, the regulator, the reignition
The fearless vampire killers on a mission
People crazy enough to think that they can change the world, do it
Kick down the motherfucking door, walk through it

[Chorus x 2]

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