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Fist Time


See, normally a brother wouldnt talk about his first time
But i'm gonna just be real with ya'll and say whats on my mind
I remember just like yesterday
Just a lil man
I had no clue, just didn't quite understand
Looked up to big bro for a lil advice
And he said young bro whatever you do, make sure you straptwice
I was a lil nervous bout it, being my first time
But I said what the hell this girl is too damn fine

My very first time
In the house, on the couch, in your parents bedroom, remember
My very first time
Cant wait til the day when I see you again, remember
My very first time
And it was just as special to me as it was to you girl
My very first time
Never forget my first time
See it was Sunday afternoon
Moms and pops were gone
We had to be on the low
Cuz they were on their way home
Started kissing then it led straight to the bed
Can't believe this happening, that's what I'm thinking in myhead
Lasted like a minute but seemed like forever
We almost got caught but im just too damn cleva
Parents came home from church
And I was outta there like a drop of a dime
Man I will never forget my first time
This goes out to the first
Girl you know who you are
Can't wait to see you again (see you again)
No matter how old we both get, we will have no regrets
So never forget, my first time

See some of you mighta started early, some of you started late
But I know when I started, and I thought it was great
This goes out to all my lil brothers in the world
Just make sure your first time is with that special girl
Clap your hands if you remember your first time
Your first time
Clap your hands if you remember your first time
Your first time baby!

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