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Every Time


Yeah, have you ever been with a girl?
That you did wrong
And then she knew that you did wrong
And then she go with somebody else
So now you're mad
Listen up

Every time i close my eyes i see you
And i know what i'm supposed to do
Leave her alone, get back with you
(yeah, come on)

My love is strong hold on to me
What i did was wrong she think of me
A friendly conversation left misery, yeah
I'm so gullible that i need you back here with me
(girl he needs you back)

1 - every time i close my eyes i see you
It used to be my girl but now you're his boo
And i know what i'm supposed to do
Leave her alone and get back with you

There's no other girl in this world for me
To spend my life with, there's no need to fight
I feel the chances opening up
To get back in, in with you
Not being like the other guy
Setting the trend, and making our love win

Repeat 1

I want your head back on my pillow
It's a breezy night sitting on the apple tree
Thinking of you and me, my baby love
I hope you're wearing the other half of my heart
I gave to you on valentine's day
I need you here with me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Repeat 1 till end

Every time i close my eyes i see you

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