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Beautiful (You Are)


You know theres something bout a sexy song that really turns me on
That makes me feel at home and ha melody ho it songs so sweet as
It slowly calls your body next to me beautiful smooth conversation
Just to show my love it express us how i wana see how ul life
Will be if you spend the rest of your life wit me

Beautiful you are you mean the world to me more than anything girl my life
Depends on your warm embrace just to feel your taste.
(repeat once)

Verse 2

Baby i promise the whole world to you anything you want baby i will do
And and just to prove to you that i can be all your looking for trust and
Honesty it's just the simple things that you do so just hold my hand let me
Sing to you babe a way to say baby that i thank you for being who you are
Brighter than a star.


Your love is the sweetest thing i've ever known your touch brings a warmth to
My heart my heart it all starts with you it feels like heaven cause all that i
Am is all i give beautiful

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