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Gypsy lament

Inkubus Sukkubus

Sleep well, my Love
Sleep while the night sky weaves her spell
Sleep without pain
Sleep though I yearn to have you near me

The flames of all you were
Have vanished in the ground
Sweet scented rosemary is scattered all around

Wait just a while
For in no time we'll meet again
Though you were gone
Before we wed

I give blood to you earth, now take it to his own
No fire or water deep
Shall keep this bride from him

He left me while
The seas were wild against the shore
What foolish thief
Would dare defy the hand of fate?

I love you now as I'll never love again
The rocks beneath my feet
Have sunken deep

Earth to earth
My love my own shall be
Grow like the willow tree
No sadness bring to me

He the man, and I the woman
My love to me
This shall be

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