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After Hour Pefection

Jets To Brazil

Laughing alone on, your bed of nails
What you call home now, some might call jail
Are you sleepless? Well I am too...
I can't believe that you went right on (lifting) here without me
What's the point if no one dies when this whole thing comes crashing down
Are there no phones there? Or just no dimes?
Have you no feelings? Or just no time?
This song is a phone call, it don't all rhyme
I play a movie in my head, I always change the ending
I cut the part when you go crazy with those men and (fathers)
and I'm the (moment), I think I'm one of them
Whatever I've done to you, tell me I'm not one of them
My understanding, it still stands
All that you will see are these demands
I'm the (moment), I think i'm one of them
I'm the (moment), i think i'm one of them

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