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Cat Heaven

Jets To Brazil

In the dream that awakened me
You had come and taken me
To a sea of stars
The cat stood in the flowers two ears above

And the ground that was under me
Was holding me so wonderfully
On a bed of leaves
And you were here with me and we were free

Everything we saw
Was beautiful and strong
And I knew we belonged

Then the birds came and carried us
To the sky and married us on a bed of stars
Where I was always yours
And you were mine

And in the long back eternity
I love you so perfectly
In the words of clouds
Like a bird sings to his flowers and I was heard

Everything I saw
Was everything I'd want
And this world had just begun to live
Don't wake me up
I can't wake up from this

Everyone was forgiven
Made hopeful
Made living
Made winning

So, captain, please consider me
Let the boats deliver me
When I close my eyes
Drive, captain, drive
It's time

For everything to be perfect
For everything to stop hurting

Don't wake me up

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