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Jettison Aka Got No Crew

Jets To Brazil

I am the maker of misery
That's me, I'm my father before me
Drunk on the blood of the legacy
Say it's not mine, I'm a lion
It's in the girl I never knew
It's in the mile from me to you
It's in the way I can't explain my fucking cloud
Do you fix the sound? I'm never found
Telling all of them
Go to the parties and the black light clubs
You wonder why I am silent
You're in the corner with a makeout king
I see a love, it's like violence
I am a fire to myself
Burn at the touch, burn like brush
It's in the way i can't explain my point of view
Do you fix the crew? I never knew
Telling all of you
Throwing away the sound I never found
Burning the old house down
Making sense of it
Making sense of it
Making sense of it
Making sense of it

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