Come into my arms let me hold you tight
Let me be the one to love you through the night
Could it be that you can make my feelings show
I promise to you girl you'll never be alone

I love you I always needed you
Your always on my mind what else is there to do
I love you don't turn my heart away
My love is here to stay

Girl don't you ever leave don't ever go away
My love for you is strong for you it will always stay
I just want to tell you girl (want to tell you)
How much I love you so
Just come into my arms and I'll never let you go

(Chorus 2x)

Come into my arms girl can't you see
That in my arms is where your supposed to be
Loving you like no other man has
Forget the past
Giving you what I got cause its good
Hoping that my loves understood
And if you have any doubts on what to do
Come into my arms & I'll tell you

(Chorus 3x)

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