When The Curtain Calls For You

Jonathan Fire Eater

What do children do with these colors so hallow?

Yes I know their will is true

But their throats must hurt to swallow

Like an orphan with his gruel

In a theater oh, so cruel

What do children do

I saw some faces today, they smiled

They smiled at me and you be the bay in the maple trees

Nothing in their faces looked real, real, real to me and you

But I'm gonna keep it with me anyway

What do children do, do, do

What do children do, do, do

So when the curtain parts for you and the tiers are full of laughter

Ah, you will come in bloom

And I'll be up there somewhere

Just hanging from the rafters

I'll be swinging from the rafters for you

And we'll make the movie with Victorian steeples

My heart under all these people

Like a sugar cake can look so good on a china plate

It makes the world seem sweeter now

Mary's on the swings

But I'm on the grass

Nothing will pass

So give me my coat and hand me my camera

And we'll shoot the film with lighting tender

With a beautiful hymn that's how I'd like to remember

The perfect pretender

Whose movie is about to begin

With another lovely hymn and I'm ready now

And the show was oh so precious

Oh, so precious tonight

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