The Shape Of Things That Never Came

Jonathan Fire Eater

well now the battle can sleep in the golden mangroves
the fruit bats are sucking on the mingers
and the end will come
but the end will come slow
we'll take our tea and our coffee coloured clothes

there will be no screenplay in our heads
no you can't go home again
and there are no more lines to be read
it's time, time to begin, little darling

I go to the cathedral on christmas
yeah the candles and the gilded robes
all the girls with chilly ??? red from kisses
the insense smells a thousand years old.

a magazine party in the old tin yard
a girl had a seizure there
she was putting on her make up in the club car
there's make up everywhere.
ya little princess

well there's a look in your eyes
when all your lines go slack
I know you had to train but you took a cab back

well now we tried to be strong and carry on
but somehow the party seemed doomed
there was a girl on the floor with her heartbeat gone
and death so kills the room.

we tried to be strong and carry on
we throw our heads back and howl
but the water was warm
and the currents were strong
and it's time to throw in the towel
little darling.

tonight's never been apart
shining like a city
here inside of your heart
I will try living on my own
we will grow old
take our tea
and our coffee coloured clothes.

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