Oh man can i tell you about this one
Oh its come calling again
There was a chill in my house in the morning
And its so hard to begin

I can see my friends from the rooftops
I can see them smile and shake hands
There's a presence in my basement
Its a stage for tropial plants

Now my master is calling for me
"Where can my little understudy be?"
Oh he teaches me from the balcony
And I try so hard to please

But then one morning
Oh he called me to his side
I could see the absinthe
Twinkle in his eye
Saw a flicker in the floodlights
And made him close his eye and die

Now Im working as a cowards apprentice
And my shoes are so hot on the ground
All the brandy will warm my belly tonight
And the year go round and round
I changed my seats on the top ten..
Haven't got used to the way the stare
And the tears dont smear my facepaint
If it did I dont care
Cause I was struck by a painful notion
On a weekend trip to the ocean
That the hagrid seas will not recognize me
To all this comotion

And all those night sittin at the round table
Waiting on some kind of cable
All the bewilding from France
We're wilding like the tramps

And that cable oh it never came
But if it did I know what it would say
"Romance coma
Romance period
Romance, always romance"

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