Photo of the artist Julie Andrews

The Shady Dame from Seville

Julie Andrews

La la la la la la la la la la da da...
There was once a shady dame from Seville;
Used to wander 'roud the town dressed to kill.
And men, if they dared, stood and stared
When she passed their way;
The lady knocked 'em out;
But there's no doubt
'Cos they'd shout "Olê!" all day.
Seville isn't that much to shout about,
But when she was out traffic stood still.
Dressed like a vamp or a Pamplona tramp,
She could stampede the menfolk at will.
One day came a world famous matador,
Rat-tat at her door, bearing a rose.
If he distressed her, disturbing her siesta,
It's best to say nobody knows.
The rest of the tale's not a pretty one;
Pity one isn't for sale.
Only two ears and a tail
Did they find by the blind on her sill;
No one knows what's became
Of the shady dame...
La la la la la la la la la ah aha ...
Ah! Aaaaaaaah...!
The shady dame...
From Seville!

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