Money let's me fly to Paris for lunch
And money puts caviar on the crackers I munch
It'll let me buy all kinds of expensive this and that
But I'll tell you a secret about money
I been keepin' undermy designer hat
(You know money ain't what I need
A dollar bill can't give me kiss
When a little kiss is all I need
It can't take me for a ride in the country
Or walkin' in the rain
Money never feels any joy
Honey it sure don't feel any pain
I don't need money, all I need is you, oh, oh)
Oh, oh, 'cause honey, honey, honey without you I'd be dining alone
Surrounded by those things I bought
And they still don't make my house my house
What good is drinkin' your coffee from a costly cup
If you're drinkin' it all by yourself when the sun comes up
(Repeat Chorus)
All I need is you
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Honey, honey don't need money
All I need is you

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