Lets just stay in bed all day
Don't worry about the bills
That we have to pay
Let's call in sick
Let's play hookey all day
And then let's ooh, ooh wee
Order in our favorite Chinese food
Wash it all down
With a nice cold brew
We could watch that good old movie
On channel two
Or we could ooh, ooh we
(Ooh, ooh wee
In harmony
How sweet it will be
When we ooh, ooh wee)
I'm gonna be a damsel in distress
You be the knight in armor
That hears my SOS
Slay that dragon
And come rescue me
Then let's ooh, ooh wee
(Repeat Chorus)
When we ooh, ooh wee
Honey, you and me
Yeah, in harmony
Let's ooh, ooh wee
How sweet it will be
How sweet it will be

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Written by: Charlie Black / K.T. Oslin / Rory Michael Bourke. Isn't this right? Let us know.