You said you saw me
I was with another guy
Said it made you
Want to go home and cry
Well I know just how you feel
Well baby I caught you
But I never let you know that you'd been caught
But the straw that broke my camel's back
Was that blonde too stupid to talk
I swore I'd get even, even if it's the last thing I do
Now I'm just sitting here waiting for sweet revenge
You know somebody told me it's sweet as sweet has ever been
Well that somebody lied, honey all I do is cry
I evened it up the score but I went and lost the war
And now I'm truly blue since I don't have you
If I wrote my feelings down in a letter to you
I'd have to sign it yours truly blue
But now Miss Know-It-All
I'm sittin' here all alone
Yeah once in a while I pick up my phone
To see if the thing's still on
'Cause it ain't ringing, ringing
I bet your phone is ringing off the wall
And honey oh how I miss you
And if you were here I'd kiss you
Baby but baby you're somebody else' baby now
(Repeat Chorus)
I'd have to sign it you

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