You're the picture of lonely if I ever saw one
Sitting at that table so all alone
Don't know what happened, I don't know your story
But if you had somebody I think you'd probably be home
Hope you don't mind if I sit down beside you
I believe that we're two of a kind
It could be better if we were together
'Cause hurtin' together beats hurtin' alone
(Two hearts are better than one
Two hearts keep the pain on the run
When its all night and the night's just begun
Don't you know two hearts
Two hearts are better than one)
Honey we don't have to face this all by our lonesome
All tied up by heartache, surrounded by blue
We found each other, don't you know the hardest part is over
Now it's just a matter of following through
We can hold on as the night swirls around us
Sheltered in each other's arms
Oh and it could be better if we were together
'Cause hurting together beats hurting alone
(Repeat Chorus)

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Written by: K.T. Oslin / Rory Michael Bourke. Isn't this right? Let us know.