I remember breakfast
Used to be my favorite meal
Big ol' eggs and lots of butter
Food you could feel
Now it's figs and wigs fiber
I'm pure as I can be
Devils call, angels fall
I want my BLT
(You can't do that
You can't do that
There's no eating, cheating, treating
You can't do that
You can't do that
You can't do that)
Well, let's talk about my lovelife
It used to be so free.
If I saw something I wanted.
I just drag it on home with me
Now you're talking blood tests and sexual history
Aw, it used to be fun,
To do run, run
Now it's life and destiny.
(Repeat Chorus)
{Tag:} Don't say it feels good
Don't you do it
If it tastes good
Throw it away
It's a sad truth
Don't deny it
If you're gonna play, you're gonna pay}
They don't read the constitution,
Down there where I work
My boss thinks he's a Romeo
I think he's a jerk
He's always making passes
He's got hands in back of his head
He'd love to see me naked
Honey, I'd love to see him dead
(Repeat Chorus)

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Written by: Glen Ballard / K.T. Oslin / Will Jennings. Isn't this right? Let us know.