Strandhagg II - Wave Bound


No gale could make us frown
At heart we're valiant
No force could hunt us down
In times so malignant

Lead by naval sub storms in the rough, raging sea
Our hearts and our souls are bound to its force
And where death can be caused by one single false step
We see both life and death dwell from ONE source

Our nature is savage as the waves that we ride
And the moments of calm - they are few
So we make our way guided by tide
'til our mortal fate will be through

Let there be hundreds of longboats
Flood from the fjords and the pagan shores
Until Cgir's streams are ours again
Our storm of revenge knows no remorse

Let there be thousands of kinsmen
Underneath Valfather's flag
Deluge the cross-shaded coasts
There will be no turning back!!!

There will be no mercy for shores that we reach
We scoff at the weakness your clergymen preach

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