Photo of the artist Kromlek

Creation's Crowning Glory


Now stare beyond the abyss
Deep into the future's eyes
No scaldic verse will ever
Foretell our lingering demise
The soil suspires resigning
While I solemnly despise
And the copy of a fake oak's
Seed is gonna rise

Throughout the urban canyons
I will send my sonic waves
I call from concrete towers to
All yet unborn slaves
My mind is like a climber
Overgrowing iron gorges
Nerve codes like lianas
Entwine around the forges

So don't you bother
To call me brother
I'm not of your kin
I save my own skin

Just stand in file
Sick and vile
In concrete cells
Where no life dwells

Again I whisper
In the ear of the blind
There's no loophole,
The myth must rewind
Each step is fated
This doom bound am I
The well is dried up
And the hostage will die

Through the ironwood a blight I waft
Necropolitans awake by my draft
Out of scorched earth a giant I craft

Into each crevice life I will graft
An organic form of life I draft
Out of scorched earth a god I craft

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