I am the unmistakable voice that whispers
In remote but universal blazing tongues throughout
The urban blusters eviscerating the declining
Pulse of a self-destructive race

Sordid idols run from the artificial thrones
Absquatulate from everywhere, every man made corner

Abandoned deified victims, just refugees of mortal minds
I'll absorb them all I will give them shelter behind organic walls

Athenian! There's a truth outside the cave!
Unchain your will, mind is master flesh is slave
Florentine! A new virtue comes to life!
Your spirit will be headstone for my stronghold's gonna strive

This is my bastion
This is my way
A siege is useless, I'm all around and I hold sway
This is my stronghold
My state of mind
Walls of synaptic membranes no one can grind

Empires fell from grace
God kings lost the trace
I will fill out that empty space
And guide the mind out of this maze

"Who did they create to create them"
My time has come for tabula rasa

Gathered fucked up spirits from the ruins of our ages
I keep alive with ancient blaze through breath divine

I am your fortress, I withstand the decadence
This bastion's core I vitalise, I eternise

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