Sixteen Swishers (feat. Yunggoth)

Lil Peep

Okay, I'm cruel
I admit it
I didn't go to school, I was busy
My mama don't like me, my daddy be trippin'
I'm only 19, yeah, I feel like a winner
I'm only 19, word, but I should be dead
You wanna fight me? Boy, go to bed
Blood on my white tee, multiple wifey
I keep the best green
Fuckin' a dyke bitch

Fuckin' a white bitch
Suck on my pipe, bitch
Look at my ice, bitch
Chicken and rice bitch
Blood on my white kicks
I put the xan on my life, bitch
I put the xan on my life, bitch
Bitch, I'm a nice kid

Xan, I'mma reup on pack I got bands
Hundred pack multiply, two miligrams
Pop a bean, limousine, all in my hands
I know I'm lit, bitch, you know I'm the man
I feel like Johnny Depp, Martin Scorsese, see a movie
Hoe, I feel like Superman
Hoe, it's lame, these bitches choose me
Mary Jane, Peter Parker, mixin' lean in molly water
I might fuck around, finesse your daughter
Bitch, I feel like Michael Phelps, Mary Jane, gold medals
Tom Clancy, Splinter Cell, coffin full of rose petals
Uh, ayy

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