I met this girly girl
She seemed the hippy type
Beneath the surface she was more about the perfect life
She wanted fast cars
And hundred dollar bills
She’d charge her credit card that hardly covered all her thrills
And in the fast lane
She drives her man insane
See when I’m dreamin heard her screamin “daddy make it rain”
Her mother called me up
Said I’m not good enough
I’m proletariat and she was just a bougie

She’s a golddiggin lover
She got it from her mom
Her silver step father bought her all that she wants
And she’s a golddiggin lover
She’s been undercover
Her grandmother told me that I’m not what she wants
I’m not what she needs
She wants money
She doesn’t want me

She wanted everything
Like golden diamond rings
Her poppa bought her mocking birds but they don’t rhyme or sing
We built this house of love
But she was too corrupt
And in her eyes I’m seeing dollar signs I’ve had enough
She’s so material
I’m feeling so surreal
Salvador dali hardly
Malibu barbie party
Glass floors and glass slippers too
She could lounge by the pool and be indifferent to you

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