Your life has never been easy
Troubled family
The mother was addicted and the father mistreated her
At the age of 5 he saw his mother being shot

I owed a lot
I owed more than a kilo
Your father took you to another place
Addicted to gambling
I kept playing
I was beaten every day

His crying was intense
Your father was going to die
It was just a matter of time
He was a burglar
Very popular

The police in search
And he ran away by car
But nothing is forever
They crapped him
Tried to run
But he was shot to [?]
2 shots in the belly and 5 in the back
Did you think it was [?]

But the world went round
Nobody told you
What happened
He moved in with his grandmother
When your father passed away
I asked your grandma

Where was your father
She was silent
And I didn't speak anymore
Without father and without mother
His life was sad

He even thought about committing a crime
On Mother's Day there was no one
There was only your grandmother, your father doesn't even come today
A space in your life
Only God and you had broken

You know what you suffered
Started doing
Friendship at school
The piveta in the range
Offering you drugs
A mine told you
Try it there

And then if addiction started to ingest
I came home late
Smelling like marijuana
Your grandma asked you
It's none of your business
After marijuana changed to cocaine

Began to traffic
Became flour head
Inside your backpack
It had several pins
I took the money
And I left smiling

Every month he showed up with designer clothes
Jewel of the best expensive brand dress
At the age of 20 he already had his own home
A car in the garage
A pink motorcycle

The people thought it was a mega seine
But in fact
Damn it was your income
If you thought the hot babe
The best to unbeatable
The end of this story

I already have it
1 year passed the first child was born
His happiness at the time was explicit
Bad news crapped you
Anonymous call no one is on your side

Called your henchmen
Loaded the arsenal
Pistol and revolver
And you run to the yard
The police don't even ask what they came for
The exchange of shots begins

And it became a shooting
One of his henchmen dies
Shot in the head
The police are heavy
Did not come to joke

After half an hour managed to escape
Was with vest
Tire didn't catch you
She ran away with her grandmother her husband
And your daughter became better known
The queen of flour
Reward was high
For those who found you already had a mansion

At 25 years old she had Prada clothes
Armani and Versate
Fueled the corners of the entire city
Bribes to the police paid a percentage
Had the table with all the sales
Air rifle 15 was all imported

I was always armed
And armored car
But for your bad luck
Civilian was coming
Your partner told you the house fell
Began to accelerate
In the middle of the avenue
140 fleeing the police

The chase was live at Datena your grandma
She was watching the whole scene, her husband appeared
Your grandma told him
He had a fit
When he saw you on the screen
Dodged a car
Dodged another

The police firing the shot narrowly catches
A flat tire is now complicated
Then the march passed and accelerated
I had nothing to do
The animal caught
It was look back and the car turned
Gasoline leaking
And you shooting a shot in the arm
Your arm was bleeding

Unfortunately for you
Had no other chance
20 police shot and blew up the tank
You with your henchmen
Died carbonized
His death was filmed
Your legacy is over

Live on TV
Your husband husband saw you die
That moment
He cried for you
What will your daughter do?
Your story is over
Before 30

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