And there was fire, fire in the sky
And there was thunder, when we yelled our rebel cry
We have restored the order, brought justice to the land
And now we're free, yeah we are free
And there was silence, when we spoke the words of fate
After explosions we pulverized all hate
Our mission is eternal, our duty never ends
Our destiny, our destiny

We rule the night
No more we hide
Fulfilling the legacy
Forever free
We're standing as one
Rebellious descendants
We are legends
Oh oh oh oh
Come sing along
This is our song
Yeah, now we are family
On burning ground
We're screaming out loud
By natural ascendance
We are legends
Oh oh oh oh

There was destruction and all the lights went out
Then there was darkness, all power just went down
So we have lit a fire, illuminate the night
It will go on, our life goes on
And there were builders to craft a better earth
Mighty creators, we set the freedom course
A spark can light a fire, so what we want is right
This is our home, our rebuild home

And there was fire
And there was thunder
The new freedom legions
We are legends

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