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Wanna Hurt Mase?


1 - Do you really wanna hurt Mase?
Or do you really wanna make me cry?
Or is it really that you envy Mase?
Or you don't really wanna see me fly?

Do you really wanna hurt Mase?
Or do you really wanna make me cry?
Or is it really that you envy Mase?
Or you don't really wanna see me fly?

Now you don't wanna see me angry
Ain't enough cops or cuffs to chain me
Days to arraign me, KKK's to hang me, insane me
Ya need ice picks to bang me
Need more than a straight jacket to restrain me
Or more guns with my prints for you to frame me and mame me
Nigga, look at you and look at us
My duns don't fuss, Harlem win you with a thrush
Nigga you better hush, I can mess out the cave
Niggas still get touched
And them little ones you bust ain't enough for us
Listen here, Mase'll make you disappear
And yo' mouth'll be the reason that you missed this year
Man who needs ya? You don't need me, I don't need you neither
That's why my next Lex gon' be a two seater
And the things I do to you won't leave you beautiful
And though yo' feelin' fuck me, I'm feelin' mutual

Repeat 1

From the M to the A nigga dollar sign E
Come around money if you ever tryin' to find me
I was murder for six years, seen no clean from it
Drop murder off, Mase woke up at Teen Summit
My niggas joke, niggas broke, kill a laugh
I got power, make a call, get a mil' in cash
Like my money and ya ain't cuz they don't tax me
Actually, anything you got to ask me, fax me
I'm no Beamer dreamer, I'm a Bentley man
Car totally smashed threw out 50 grand
How ya figure ya bigger when Mase that nigga
And every style I deliver come with much charisma
Knock it off, now will ya , I'm the one that bitches live for
Don't get me wrong you niggas make it hot I make it sizzler
And I don't know you cats, so don't you get familiar
And if you violate me and mine I guarentee I peel ya

Repeat 1

If I ever whisper on a remix, I got C-chips
Time is money, when you talk gotta be quick
I don't see how ya'll hang or even be wit
Niggas ridin' in the Benz with only one V-6
But I know how it is when ya go into the bar
Got girls overreact, they thowin' you a star
Got niggas player hatin' don't even know who you are
And go as far as leavin' bullet holes in yo' car
When you're from Harlem World niggas never see yo' views
They wait for you to flop or be on BET News
All they see the G's and jewels, V's that ya cruise
Being the underdogs, they can't wait to see us lose
Don't hate me, thank me
I don't get mad when nigga's bitches prank me
Make you cranky to see me places that you can't be
I'm too pretty to let you niggas shank me
And frankly, know you probably hate me cause you ain't me

Repeat 1

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Compuesta por: J Moss / Mason Betha / Ron Lawrence / Roy Hay / Sean Puffy Combs. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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