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Love U So


Verse One: Mase

Yo, now hum all you want to and all the cymbal hits
Move, Cooter love, straight out the tenements
Drop the joint, Puff Dad just finished it
Would it did more without censorship?
Talk to plenty chicks, on to many flicks
Love when a girl say they wanna skinny-dip
Call room service, tell 'em to send it quick
One Gritz, don't forget, ***
Chill with the fellas that I came in it with
Buy 'em all minks before december hit
Player like Mase revoke your membership
Cause this a baller club that come with benefits
They remenisce when lady used to dis
Now everywhere we go all the ho's generous
The must think Mase is on the rush ***
Dusty denim tip, ***


Ooh Mase I love you so, never ever ever gonne let you go
I can't keep my eyes off you
Ooh Mase I love you so, never ever ever gonne let you go
I hope you feel the same way too

Verse Two: Mase

Uh, uh, now ladies say he has this
Tendancy to be a ass' of girls who put key scratches
On brand new Coups or E-classes
Jet for y'all, before I do a federal charge
Name incorporated, no problem gettin' caused
Whole entourage in the ***
When you very large, never spend cheddar: you charge
Get my daily menage, Halle Berry massage
Different color Benz in every garage
Who would've thought? '95, earth spinned twice
Mase be Billboard's hot merchandise
Player like me must deserve this life
Every girl trick kid, if you work her right
I'ma click bubble, why you wish me trouble, so hard?
Bad Boy gonna have to shit you double


Verse Three: Mase

Yo, if you never had a man than why try me?
Niggaz outta town wanna learn my G
Understand me, the baller I be
Need about three pages in caller ID
When I come around, all the waitress get tippo
Wanna serve Poppy, hummer, big tipper
Leave the restroom about six strippers
Don't watch me, flip up your zipper
I'ma good fellow, mellow
Though I puff trees my teeth never yellow
Hello, in the club jingle like I'm Jello
With the kids, big as Tickle Me Elmo
Next summer, stretch Hummer for the whole state
Anything, buy no cake hold no weight
I you ain't ready seen Mase in the gold 8
I really think it's time that you relocate


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Compuesta por: Allen McGrier / Mason Betha / S. Jordan / Sean Puffy Combs. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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