What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem?

Me vs Hero

this sound is so romantic "lets tear it up"
bring back the sound that we've been writing for

we're the long drive done in 30 minutes
we'll be back to base before you know it
another time and day we're 30 seconds late the gates are on lockdown "turn up the stereo"
one way the wheels spinning
the roof on the car is down
the hot breeze the sun is spitting its rays down to the ground

we're sitting in the back seat of this ride
sun pouring through the sun roof into our eyes
"and this will be our everything"
take your time notice the city line change throughout our lifetime

as the sun sets down on the horizon the streets lights flood the night
start the convoy we're still driving on along bring on the daylight

"here with our friends" we'll make this night last
"untill the bitter end"

put the radio in tune turn the volume up we're sitting in the back seat of this ride we'll sing along we're crusing down this road in the tune of our lives

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