Star Raiders and Space Invaders

Me vs Hero

dont think it was never the words you said
dont speak i prefer when your quiet
all we ever do is start a riot.
we joined forces "but we'll never sing"
the same song alike

our tears will "ourlives"
we'll never live forever "its time to tell"
our stories

this will be our hearts ripped dropped down on stone again
load up your guns lets take this "outside"
into the wilderness out in the valley of the great unknown
"out where theres no coming back"

sweet 16 held a brighter outlook
we bounced and we danced with every step that we took
"we grew apart"
but now we're older and grown up
the bounce in our step has completly dried up

"we'll take this to our graves"
those words will never change
dont bring it back up lets keep this buried
"those things" will never happen again
never listened to a single word we ever said
and this is where the story ends our hearts were never broken

we've been falling from the starting of the first day me met
burnt our bridges down

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