"now's our time to rise"

this song goes out to all the none believers
the way they treat us and the way they percieve us
we'll make it out alive "tear down the walls tonight"

"they said" this would be our ending
"but this" this friday nights the one
bursting at the seams with beats and melodies
dropping harmonies in major keys

to all our friends at home
everybody at our shows
its because of you we know
we'll never stand alone
the beat beat down lifts up our spirit step up step up
the beat beat down lifts up our spirit step up "this ones for our friends"

and we will let the melody carry us break down break down the barriers
we will storm the stage like warriors take out take out the cameras
nows our time to rise our hearts beating out the rythmn inside
"say it with pride"

"for us" this is the beggining
"the soundtrack" to the story or ourlives
shaking up the scene with beats and melodies
life in major keys

"because of you we know, we'll never, stand alone"

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