Cause I'm with you everyday, everytime, everyway
Forever, forever
Youre the strongest in my life youre my day and my night
Forever, forever
I can read your mind
And I know the pain inside you
But I'm by your side
Forever, forever

Caught in circles
Of confusion
Lost your freedom
No illusions
Youre suffering
I feel your pain
Whenever youre near me

It seems that therell be
No tomorrow
You dont feel joy
Theres only sorrow
But think again
Please dont complain
Theres a way to carry on

Dont think you fall
Cause I will catch you
Just close your eyes
Yes I will hold you
Dont be afraid
Dont hesitate
You know ill be with you

The world still turns
Life doesnt end now
Just try again
Ill help you somehow
To breathe again
Believe again
Theres a way to carry on

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