So long I've waited, patiently
Did what I was told was best for me
Blindly I'd follow, trustingly
And never question why
Unaware of the power inside of me
It was a gift of love that was meant to be
Something shared with the world, faithfully
It was my only dream

No tears to cry, no sad good-byes
Im spreading my wings and Im ready to fly
No tears to shed, only happiness ahead
This millennium will be my time to be free

Verse 2
Through it all I have grown, no regrets
I can say Ive learned my lesson well
The struggle and pain I wont forget
Its made a mark on me
But with all of the strength I possess
Ive gotta go for the chance of a life so sweet
No doubt in my mind, I am blessed
Im gonna live my dream


No, no, no tears...
Oooh I wanted it so bad I could cry
No, no, no tears
But when I got it, it wasnt right
No, no, no tears
It was somebody elses vision of me
No, no, no tears
And now Im gonna live mine


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