I apologize
For being faithless
I apologize
We all have joy and pain
I apologize
For life is not easy
Were only human

Verse 1
I try to live my life
Being patient
I try to do it right
Sometimes I dont succeed
Theres a guiding light
To give me direction
When Im standing in the dark

Do we have to fight
Each other
Cant we see the needs
Are we too blind to see
Listen with our hearts
Is what we need now
Ill be the first to say


Verse 2
Saying that we care
Is easy
But if were never there
Its like a broken vow
Open up your heart
Remember in life we reap what we sow

Hiding from myself
Wont protect me
Its me nobody else
Who ends up as a fool
No more holding back
What I give
Ill give it straight from my heart


Weve gotta make a change
Look into the mirror
We can turn around
Life isnt a one way street
Listen to your heart
If youre lost and lonely
It will show you love


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