Photo of the artist Moon Safari

Lady Of The Woodlands

Moon Safari

Lady of the woodlands come dance in this rythm entwined
I'm steady on my feet, though my head stands on bottles of wine
The night is young you know I'm doing fine

How now my love, why is your cheek so pale
How chance the roses do fade?
The course of true love's never smooth

So now what's the use of chanting faint hymns to a cold fruitless moon
Now let us dance our ringlets to the wind of the pipers new tune
My fairy queen I saved a kiss for you

I'll follow you - And I will lead you about a round
Sometime - A horse I'll be, and the other times a hound
Follow me - I'll be the flame that always burn
Sometimes true - But I'll be there at every turn

If I should fall, carry me home to my house on the hill next til dawn
I shouldn't be drinking this night I won't leave you alone
Fate lacks no irony, Lady should stay off the wine
I'll be your legs if you'd please be my eyes...

I serve you my fairy queen, tomorrow I'll praise yesterdays dream
But I'll take all the blame, tomorrow I won't remember your name

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