Hiding in the comfort of corners,
I guess in a way everybody hides
Though i need my friends more than ever,
I don't want anyone by my side

Who is that boy in the mirror,
Waving goodbye to the man?
I can't seem to shake that sad feeling
I'll never be who i really am
Though i'm lost i'm only one over the eight

Goodbye station 8, guess you've heard as of late
I'll be drinking this night on my own
I'm going away to my own special place
Where i turn off the lights and the phone,
So won't you...

Help - i need to escape, i don't belong in here
Here's to my fears, sorrows and tears
There goes another year
He's that kid, with panic through the streets,
That no one really sees,
Oh, that kid looks one hell of a lot like me

My friends that left town are returning,
They know that i'm too homeward bound
I'm sick of their heads that keep turning,
Of nodding and saying i'm fine,
I'm not fine

The 46" is my friend now,
I order my food to the door
I suffocate on medication,
Those pills just can't do it somehow

I shot myself down, august 2008
Now i carry this pathetic wound
I don't even talk, i won't listen at all
But i'm hoping that someday you call,
So won't you...

When i turned from the truth in a far cry from you,
Denied the hand of a friend that could help me through
Mealy mouthed, unsure, afraid of it all
Never confident but i know how to fall

Say is it you outside the window?
Coming home to me one last time?
I swear i just saw your silhouette
Sliding into the bedroom where angels blessed our skin,
Now only dust

I am still knocking at your door,
But love doesn't live there anymore
I know you'll be coming home again,
But nothing will ever be the same;
You're taking your things, returning my heart

I curse my own pride as i'm watching the phone,
Is there anything happening at all?
I drink til' i cry but just can't fall asleep,
Someone please give me a call

Summer is over we've used all our dreams,
Now i tumble in blind memories
You've changed your address, soon you'll change your last name,
How i wish i'd change at all

Help - i need to escape, i don't belong in here
Here's to my fears, sorrows and tears
There goes another year

Help - i need to escape, but i do belong in here
Here's to you love, wherever you are
You're still inside of me

As the last lover's sailing away in the night,
By the harbour retired romantics
Left behind telling stories of how it was oh,
So much better before...

Before any of us fell in love...

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