It's Saturday night and you're dressed to the 9's,
who will walk with you home tonight?
The one you could always turn yourself to
is out on a late night rendezvous
Guess you've known for a while that I'm dying inside
and this silver tongue's lost all it's words
What took years to build up takes a night to tear down,
and this night will haunt me for the rest of my life

'Cause she couldn't change my world
She didn't see the best in me
She couldn't change my world
She'll never understand

Now I carry the can, try to walk like a man
knowing time will just wound our heals
Sympathy fights through the tears in your eyes,
couldn't take another night at 10A
It seems the older I get the more things to regret,
I thought we would grow old together
But I know I'm standing here quiet as love fades away,
in a year now I still can't speak

Only you could change my world
You always saw the best in me
Only you could change my world
I didn't understand

I will try to remember the Halcyon days,
forget that I ever hurt you
And if we'll meet again some day,
could we say things we ever said
Now I'm stalking the bars and I pity my scars,
like a self made martyr on the run from it all,
And if somehow you love me still, baby,
would you let me know?

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