[Chorus 1]
Northern Storm, invading the heart of my mind
Northern Storm, changing the mind of my heart
Power from on high, nothing compares with this awesome
You must decide to never reject this powerful name
The thunder strikes, the chords of your heart feel the
The reign begins, how can anyone not love His ways

[Chorus 2]
Northern Storm, piercing the ways of my soul
Northern Storm, directing the soul of my ways

Inflicting with power, my soul is possessed in a
Total control, noone can take this peace away
Mental persuation, Jesus Christ the reign has begun
Throne of my heart, called and chosen for this day

Invasion of my mind
The storm cloud builds overhead
Do not deny the Power of the storm to revive

[Chorus 1 repeat]

How can you feel the reign of the storm if you deny
Look to the wind, the king of all who strikes with
The storm is a fire, invading those with a heart of
Nothing will come, only the reborn bath in the force

[Bridge repeat]

The Power, to revive, The Power, to revive, The Power

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