[part 1]
human missiles crashing new york
evil forces give command to die
strike the heart of the peaceful
world-flames still burning in the
dark of night

[part 2]
the world stops at this attack
allied forces lie in wait
a strike of fate at our very lives
inflicted hate from a heart of death

[part 3]
retribution will be mine says god
broken bodies lay crumpled dead
sliming carnage the eye of hate
freedom calls to a shocking world

[part 4]
when will mankind wake up
armageddon with a new found hate
strikes the heart of our freedom call
devastating to the way of peace

[part 5]
they just rise, new york skies, bring
our release from satan's lies

[part 6]
god will crush the head of the snake
eleven september an eternal date
satan rises laughing at god's world
but cannot take the soul of the saved.

new york skies, time to rise, now awake, now reply,
bring the faith, only god is, our salvation

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