Humanitarian, kills the greed
Humanitarian, gives to the needy

The minority of the wealthy, in the western world
Has majority of the world's resources
If we could all help, just one family
We could make a change, to their children's poverty

Humanitarian, to help one family
Humanitarian, we can kill the poverty

Kings of the western world, sitting upon your thrones
Take a walk down your stairs, to reach out to the homeless
Millions of children, families in poverty
We must reach out to the poor and share with them prosperity

It is easier for a camel
To pass through the eye of a needle
Than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God

Let us share in the fruits, of financial prosperity
People in the world, just chasing a life of luxury
Wanting extra treasures, that moth and rust destroy
Let us all instead, invest to the break of poverty

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