Short Circuit - mind in frenzy
This is your solemn cell
Respect - Revenge or Pity
Prisoner of yourself

Take off - you need some distance
Far from that Nagging Pain
But no - your mind is twisted
It's in your head again

Make sense of this confusion
You know it may not last
There is but one solution
Not learning from your past

Inside your mind is churning
Something to stem the pain
Is this your past returning?
Will you attempt again?

Your mind is your danger
Under its evil spell
Your thought could not be stranger
Inside your living hell

Why are you self destructive
Your brain tells you obey
Each breath you cling to something
It's always been that way

You did not want assistance
In the wrong time - wrong place
Unwanted interference
Unwanted in your fate

What is there in your future?
Why is it you were spared?
Will you find peace in dying?
Is this life your end?

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