Elastisized outrage, Things are falling down
Elastisized outrage
Now is the day, the time to change

Everything in your life falling apart at the seams
Have no hope in hell, to what are your dreams?
Manifest mystery, what is your life after death?
You're down on your knees, what hope for the rest?

Nothing right in your life, no foundation of stone
Not coping with a life, never holding on to you
Burning your sorrows, chugging on the toke
No money, now you're broke, your dollar up in smoke

All your clothes are falling off
Elastic in your belt has dropped
Can't hold a job cause you're too smashed

With a hope you're lost in hell
Find some right inner life salvation within
Find a way in the light, your life now begins
Buy some new Tracky Daks, so begins the way
Now that you've got a help, a brighter new day

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