part 5 - Angelic Sufferance


Fear and terror fill our skies
Demons gather against us
In formation we rise
The power of God is with us
We wield it with force
The Holy Spirit is beneath us
But wait, what's this?

They whip him, they scourge him
With hatred in their eyes
They beat him, they mock him
Tearing at his face
They've hung him, they punch him
Blood gushes from his mouth
Why doesn't he cry out
We are ready and waiting
To cut those people down driven by demons
Satan is prevailing
God He is not calling
God He is not calling
God He is not calling!!!

Frantically we return
And gush through heaven's gate
Gabriel hysterical, order in your ranks
We turn to the Father, His face not moved
We cry out WHY!
We can hardly believe
Lord, please commission us, commission us
Commission us, please, God!!!

We see the nails burst the holy flesh
With holy godly hatred
We seethe against satan
The Son of man hangs
The blackness folds around
The Father cries and turns
NO!!! We cry out
What is this, save Him we plead
Save Him, Save Him, Save Him!!!

Sudden silence, God hangs his head
In crushing pain we fall

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