Why do you feel that you have to own me?
I never set you to deceive
Always just wanting to be
Honest hybrid metal extremes
It's like you hate when there is no roar
Pull out the knife if we play some hardcore
Maybe take some time understand
Not every man has fit the grind plan

Purest intent, for you to repent
Purest intent, strive to achive the best

I like the grind and I like death metal
I like the thrash crossover, that's simple
I like the power metal extremes
I like the doom and shouting out Jesus!
Why do you always tie me to bore?
Make the same art just more and more
I will always make this a band
Where songs and people play a hand

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Written by: Mick Jelinic / Steve Rowe. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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