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It’s Been A Great 3 Or 4 Years

My Morning Jacket

Hi Jim, this is your
Uh, favoritest cousin on the Quaid side of the family
Um, it's about time
Hm, twenty to nine
Approximately twenty to nine, Shelbyville time

And I was just callin' to wish myself a safe trip and a good time
And uh hope you're safe and
Uh, don't get kidnapped by any Iranian terrorists or uh Colombian
Nica, Nicaraguans or anything like that

So anyway, um I appreciate it, thanks for thinking of me
And um, tell Tom and Jennifer thanks for
Going out to eat with us the other night
That was real nice of them
So anyway man uh, you guys get to practicing
And I will, uh uh, have a good time
And you guys have a good time
And uh oh, have fun in Chicago
Have fun at Mike Baker's
Get that record done
I'm pulling for you
Can't wait

If it's not done when I get back
Then I'll be very uh perturbed
So be good
And tell Dave Trombone I said hi
And take care of yourself

It's been a great three or four years with the band
I, I really had the best times of my life with you guys
And I feel lucky to have been a part of it and these opportunities
And thanks for making me feel included
Why don't you do your American Visa board speech now
Uh, I'll call back again
Message saved
Received January, twentieth at eight forty-seven PM

So anyway Jim, um like I said
It's been great and I cannot wait to get back in town
And do the following support tour for the new record and the Bloomington show
It's all coming together and I, I, I'm really excited about it
And I appreciate the time off for the nine days
To get my kinda thoughts together and collect myself
And hope that I come back refreshed and ready to play those old hits again
The Bear
Heartbreakin' Man

I think we all know those
So anyway it's gonna be great
I mean me coming back
And playin' and uh
No, I'm just kidding
So you guys be good
Have fun

If anything should happen, milk it baby, milk it
Sob it up, you know what I mean?
Make it look real sad and pathetic
Sell those records
And if I don't, I'm sorry, but uh
I did get the loft done
And I did the best I could, humanly, that I could do

And it's gonna be a little tight squeeze getting up in there
Up in that piece, but I figure me and Tom
Will be spending the most time up in there anyway
So it's pretty cozy for us
I got a couple little bitty knickknacks to do to it
And I'm gonna build a little gate or a little door across the back
So don't freak out if I'm not done with it totally
But give it a, give it a look-at and see what you think

So I will see you when I get back
Nine days, the twenty-ninth
I'll be home in Chicago

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