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(Just) Let It Go


Verse 1:
So I tell you that it's over
Now you're standing on your own
Left to face the world alone
Never thought that I would leave you
Ya didn't mean that much to me
I was just a fantasy
I never cheated, never lied.
Never could get through to you no matter how I tried
Didn't hurt you, or make you cry
I guess you know the reason why I said goodbye.

Just let it go - reach for the sky
Just let it go - take my body high
Just let it go - straight to the top
Just let it go - don't you ever stop (x2).

Verse 2:
Once again the phone is ringing
I try to make it clear to you
Can't you realize we're through
But you never get the message
Hangin' up's all I can do
I don't wanna torture you
It isn't easy, what I've done
Can't you just accept that I am happy now you're gone
I know you're sorry, but it's true
Get up off the floor boy what ya gonna do?


Ricky Ricky's gonna drop da dope logistics and everybody here can just get wid it dance like you've never
ever danced before my rhyme styles fat and I'm burnin' dancefloors up da way I rocked da Jamms back to
attack wid another grandslam so get wid it get g get wid it da force is back and da skys da limit move like ya
really don't care holler if ya hear da sound an dyour mind stays in there and I'm a go to work on this track
break it down and bring da beats back for da ninetyfive we're on point so keep da vibes alive and doin' what
ya know so set ya mind free and let ya body go

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