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Do You Wanna Rock?


Verse 1:
Won't you take me to a party
There's music in the air
I'm gonna dance all night
Out there without a care (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I don't wanna ever leave here
You know you make me feel so good
Until the morning sky
I'll give you all my love

Do you wanna rock (Oh whoa oh, oh, oh)
I wanna feel the sun shine down on me
Do you wanna rock (Oh whoa oh, oh, oh)
We can be together dancin' forever (x2).

Verse 2:
Can I get a little higher
What do you do to me
You are the only one
That gives me energy (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let me show you how I'm feeling
Because I've got to let you know
Come on and lift me up
So high I can't let go.

Repeat Chorus

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