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Gimme 1 2 3 4 5


Check out the one to groove on it's time to swing (pump pump it) everybody kickin' to the
bassline hittin' it won't be missin' open your eyes and listen. Don't hold back the feelin' coz this is somethin' gonna
push you to the ceilin' it's a rhythm trian so get on it ya feelin' cooped up a then let's get flowin' it now. Diddly did-
dly de bop bop I just won't stop, the tasty rhythm bouncin' from da bottom to da top, coz it's just like this you see,
not complicated in fact it's very elementary simple easy just like this, so it's time to rev up time to unwind, it's time
to get loose, and it's time to grind not till I heard Ricardo bust da reminda.

Gimme 1, gimme 2, gimme 3 4 5
(1 2 3 4 5 come alive)
Gimme 6, gimme 7, gimme 8 9 10
(6 7 8 9 10 come again).

Ahhhhhhh,here comes the nappy dread eyes dem red pass da bread lyrically ma flows on point I'll be
smashin' heads daily coz every time I drops ma skill see if ya head don't move I'm sure ya body will I gets iller
(than king kong step into godzilla) Surprise surprise but ma name ain't Cilla Black so you'd better back up off me,
check yourself boy and go grab a coffee, Size wid da dark brown eyes. I can make you dance for days and make ya
whole world capsize, wid ma deep psychotic flavours I've rapped up more joints this year than rizla papers and it
don't matter none here comes the funky one do what ya wanna do when I get through wid bombing you, thanks to
n-trance and Jerome, Ricky Rickys on a blinder wid ma funky dope reminda.

Repeat Chorus

Jerome & Ricardo:
Na na na na na now I got da feelin' I gots da moves keep movin' ma feet, to the funky
grooves, keep doin' it right and get to the left, everybody get down, work up a sweat, call it science defiance electrical
appliances, death defyin' when it comes to the pay day, we keep movin' and there's nothing to say yeah, we're
movin' and we're wreckin' and we're waitin' to plaly hey, So let's go crazy, let's go wild, just me and the crew callin'
out new styles, no time to wait, no time to lose, don't need no drugs, don't need no booze.
???????, from late at night until the early dawn, just you know the cue come on, come on, come on, come on
don't stop it let's rock it.

Repeat Chorus

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Compuesta por: Dale Longworth / Jerome Stokes / Kevin O\'Toole. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.

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