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Blaze Of Glory


Nigga, put down ya beer and - snatch up ya chair 'n
A lot of clak up, clak up, street clearin'
First the firing then the siren you'll be hearin'
Your man gotta few heartbeat left they fearin'

[Chorus - Pharrell]
It's me or you, or them or us
Lost to what, them things gon' bust
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
I clear the land, "In God We Trust" nigga
It's the blaze of glory, the blaze of glory
You come in here for these niggaz, the blaze of glory
The blaze of glory, the blaze of glory
You come in here for these niggaz, the blaze of glory

[Pusha T]
EGHCK! fuck ya crews and, who ya choosin'
Critics and news, and all their reviews
The watch jeweled and, VS jewels with
Different hews, of rogues or blues
The street movement, that I move wit
"Hurri"s the "cane" like Miami U
Ya niggaz foolin', whatcha doin
Obviously, you ain't got a clue
It's the blaze of glory
I'm killer in the clutch, like the Lakers' Horry
Wit four seconds left, rappers can't ignore me
Quit stepping on my heel
You fuckers riding my flow, like I'm your training wheels, ugh!
Mind over matter, SL blacker
Sunny days, I might if to think he can't ROOF!
You niggaz fishin, well wishin
Lotta rhyme but still missin' the vision, it's the blaze of glory


Sheah, the blaze of glory, rewrite history
Turn pages for me, my story is epic
Hustle in my blood, my story is metric
Bring that O backwards I'm feeling dyslexic
Grew up mis-directed, dark complected
Sometimes no electric, it was hectic
It was harsh, I was awed, I was infected, neglected
At sixteen, I got connected like Tetris
Had the power to zone, turn powder to stone
In any beef, iron drept it, iron tested
Think back, I invested, I assessed it, I reflected
Think back, I was requested by God
I shall lead as I was directed
Demand to be king, I was selected a menacing thing
Defying the odds, the fire with arms
A tyrants evolved, the tyrant is on, so run for ya weapon nigga!


I'm for that hit rich quick shit, for that quick lick
For that quick Vick fucka, I ain't for the bullshit
I ain't for the small talk, strictly 'bout the ballpark
Figures on my numbers these niggaz is all talk
Niggaz is missin', out on life, I ain't hit him
I ain't sittin 'round thumb-twiddling, I ain't wishin'
No one could ever tell the Malicious I ain't livin'
The home town homies hate my name, I ain't trippin'
I don't retaliate, I don't hate, I obliv' 'em
Jésus 'round my neck, I'ma Christian, I forgive 'em
I was chosen to hold this throne
I held my own, ever since I held that zone
And served it, from all the days I heard mama's curses
Now I put it in verses, it was worth it
Don't let it hurt kid, push a pack, cook a crack
Whatever be the plate, motherfucka get the bank, uh!


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