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Divine Love, Sex And Romance

Nina Hagen

He's a real Lifelover
Inna real lovelife
There's just no other
And in my arms made by
The divine mother
He's at home
There is just no other

My lovelife so so divine, you're my divine
Tantra mantra, my loveline is so divine and
That's the bottom-line soo divine

The soul is a spaceship, without you I'm lost
In space I'm dressed up in lace, for you
Now you're kissing my hand, you're taking my arm
Together we dance, the one and only dance
The dance of love, sex and romance

This is your one and only chance to dance the one and only dance
With me
Shakti and the divine ecstasy
As it's you and me, inna bubble of un plü plü plü
Prügrande affaire d'amour
Love sex and romance
Love sex and romance
Love sex and romance
Love sex and romance

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